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Sakura Terra - Akadama Alternative

Sakura Terra - Akadama Alternative

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Discover Sakura Terra, the perfect high quality technical substrate for those looking for a lasting and economical alternative to the traditional Akadama. Specifically designed to meet and overcome the expectations of plants and bonsai enthusiasts.


  • Granulometry available:

    • Fine: 1-5mm
    • Medium: 5-8mm
    • Thick: 8-14mm
  • Durability: Unlike other substrates, Sakura Terra maintains its structure over time, avoiding compaction and decomposition.

  • Economy: It provides all the advantages of top quality substrates at a more affordable price.

  • Lightness: Each 15 -liter bag weighs only 5.5 kg, facilitating its handling and transfer.

  • Water retention: Like Akadama, it retains water efficiently, guaranteeing the hydration of your plants.

  • Volume: 15 -liter bags.

Acquire Sakura Terra and guarantees an optimal environment for the growth and health of your plants. The best choice for those who want the best in technical substrates!


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