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Premium sports grass substrate

Premium sports grass substrate

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Mineravi's "substrate for sports grass" is a specialized mixture designed for sports grounds that require more intensive use. This substrate offers a perfect balance between nutrition, structure and drainage, guaranteeing a robust and resistant grass for sports activities.


  • Vegetable land
  • Silica sand
  • Aging mushroom compost
  • Earthworm humus
  • Dolomite
  • Leonardita
  • Perlita
  • Basalt flour

Characteristics and benefits:

  • Resistance and durability: Ideal for land with intensive sports use, ensuring resistance and durability.
  • Nutritional improvement: Enrichment with compost and earthworm humus for optimal nutrient supply.
  • Structure and drainage: Combination of silica and perlite sand for efficient drainage and compaction prevention.
  • Microbial health: Leonardita and Lombriz humus encourage a rich microbial biodiversity.
  • PH and mineral balance: The dolomite provides calcium and magnesium, improving the soil structure and the pH balance.
  • Micronutrient richness: Basalt flour or volcanic lava enriches the ground with essential micronutrients.

Use and application:

  • Ideal for sports fields and recreational areas.
  • Apply a uniform layer on the ground before planting the grass.
  • Ensure a homogeneous mixture with the underlying layers of the soil for optimal integration.

Available presentations:

  • Big Bag: 1,000 liters.
  • In bulk.

Important notes:

  • For professional playgrounds, advice and application by professionals are recommended.
  • Includes recommendations on the best seeds for sports grass.

This substrate is a more advanced and complete solution than our standard substrate for sports grass, being ideal for those looking for higher performance and a high quality game terrain.


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