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Bed for bedtuges saw inhabit

Bed for bedtuges saw inhabit

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The Turtle bedt It is the ideal option to create a natural and comfortable habitat for your turtles. These natural stones are available in two colors and types: River stones brown and granite stones gray/white. In addition, we offer various sizes to ensure the best adaptation to the needs of your pets: medium (12-20 mm) and thick (20-40 mm) for granite, and thick (20-40 mm) for river stones.

Characteristics and benefits:

  1. Natural stone:

    • Natural environment: Provide your turtles with a bed that mimics its original habitat, helping them feel comfortable and safe.
    • Available colours: Available in brown (river stones) and gray/white (granite stones), for an aesthetic and natural appearance.
  2. Security and comfort:

    • Available sizes: Medium (12-20 mm) and thick (20-40 mm) for granite; Thick (20-40 mm) for river stones, ideal for turtles of different sizes, preventing wounds and possible ingestion damage.
    • Soft surface: The stones have a soft and rounded surface, avoiding any damage to the legs, shell and skin of the turtles.
  3. Easy maintenance:

    • Simple cleaning: Very easy to clean and reuse. It is enough to submerge the stones in water for 15 minutes and rinse them until completely eliminated dirt.
    • Reusable: This substrate can be reused, offering an economic and sustainable solution for the maintenance of your turtles.
  4. Durability and stability:

    • Long duration: They provide a solid and lasting base that does not wear out quickly.
    • They maintain their form: Although stones that are rounded over time must be replaced, most will maintain their shape and functionality for a long time.

Use and specifications:

  • Natural turtle stones: Ideal to provide your pets with a perfect substrate, creating a comfortable and natural environment.
  • Available colours: Pardo (river stones) and gray/white (granite stones).
  • Available sizes:
    • Granite stones: Medium (12-20 mm) and thick (20-40 mm).
    • River stones: Thick (20-40 mm).

Mode of use:

  1. Initial cleaning:

    • Dip the stones in water for 15 minutes.
    • Rinse well to eliminate all dirt.
  2. Maintenance:

    • Regularly clean the stones as necessary.
    • Reuse the substrate after each cleaning to maintain a clean and healthy environment.
    • Remove and replace the stones that have been rounded over time to avoid possible injuries.

Product benefits:

  • Natural and safe: Provide a natural and safe environment for your turtles, helping them feel in their natural habitat.
  • Economic and sustainable: Reusable product that offers an economic and environmental solution.
  • Easy maintenance: Simple cleaning that guarantees a healthy and comfortable environment for your turtles.

Transforms the habitat of your turtles with the stones for turtle bed saw inhabiting, ensuring a safe, comfortable and natural environment. Available now at


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