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Mixture Cal Dolomita Plaster Volcanica | Revitalizer X3 Lav

Mixture Cal Dolomita Plaster Volcanica | Revitalizer X3 Lav

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Revitalizer X3 Lav

Product description: The "revitalizer X3 Lava" is an enriching and powerful mixture designed for the integral improvement of agricultural land. This unique amendment combines the dolomite cal, agricultural plaster and volcanic lava flour, providing an optimal balance between nutrients and structural improvements for the soil.


  • Calomite cal: 33.33%
  • Agricultural plaster: 33.33%
  • Volcanic lava flour: 33.33%

Key benefits:

  • Complete nutritional improvement: The combination provides a balanced contribution of calcium, magnesium and sulfate, in addition to the rich minerals of volcanic lava, including silicon, iron and other trace elements.
  • Soil structure: Improves aeration and drainage, especially in heavy and clay soils.
  • PH regulation: Dolomite cal and plaster help neutralize acid soils.
  • Microbial vitality: Volcanic lava flour encourages biological activity, increasing soil biodiversity.
  • Pest resistance and diseases: The silicon of volcanic lava strengthens plants against diseases and pests.

Recommended applications:

  • Ideal for all types of crops, especially vineyards, orchards and gardens.
  • Very effective in soils that require improvements in their structure and nutritional balance.
  • Adequate for the revitalization of impoverished soils.

Use and application:

  • General dose: Apply between 3-6 kg per 100 m^2, depending on the needs of the soil.
  • Application: Distribute evenly on the ground surface and then incorporate slightly by tillage or plow.

Available presentations:

  • Big Bag of 1,000 liters.
  • 20 kg bag.


    • For professional use soils, consultation with a soil expert to adjust the specific application is recommended.
    • Ideal as a long -term solution to improve soil quality and health.


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