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Magnesium Carbonate Magnesite

Magnesium Carbonate Magnesite

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Magnesium carbonate, Magnesite

Magnesium carbonate agricultural amendment is a form of micronized magnesium that is applied to crops to improve growth and production, a mineral fertilizer that brings magnesium to the soil and helps strengthen plant tissues.

It is an essential nutrient that crops need to grow and flourish, it is an effective and safe agricultural amendment for the soil.

Granulometry of Magnesite Powder Agricultural Amendment

The exact granulometry is 0-0.2 mm. (200 microns)

(mm) % Pass
0.2-0.1 2.0
<0.1 98.0

Mineral composition of Magnesium powder for agriculture

Application POWDERS
SiO2 2.59
CaO 9,41
Fe2O3 2.45
Al2OR3 0.51
SO3 6,31
Cr2O3 0.00
P2OR5 0.00
Na2O 0.00
MgO 63,37
PF400 1,20
P.F.1050 15,36
Reactivity (min)
Dens 2-6
S 100.00


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