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Humusvolcan power | Humus Lombriz + Leonardita + Volcanica Lav

Humusvolcan power | Humus Lombriz + Leonardita + Volcanica Lav

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Humusvolcan Power

Humusvolcan Power is a revolutionary mixture of vermicompost, leonardita and volcanic lava, designed to enrich its soil and improve the general health of its plants. This product combines the organic power of earthworm humus, the mineral wealth of the Leonardita and the strength of volcanic lava to offer a unique substrate in its class.

Uses and applications:

  • Gardening and horticulture: Ideal for all types of plants, including vegetables, flowers and fruit trees.
  • Soil improvement: It enriches poor soils and improves water and nutrient retention.
  • Land revitalization: It recovers worn soils and promotes microbial activity.


  • 80% Vermicompost: It provides a rich source of organic nutrients and beneficial microorganisms.
  • 10% Leonardita: Improves soil structure and increases its water retention capacity.
  • 10% volcanic lava: it provides essential minerals and improves aeration and drainage of the soil.

Package weight:

  • 15 litres bag: approximately 12 kg (variable according to moisture and product compaction).
  • Big Bag of 1,000 litres: approximately 350 kg (variable according to the humidity and compaction of the product).

Product classification:

  • Fertilizer and amendment: Humusvolcan Power acts as much as an organic fertilizer, providing essential nutrients, such as an amendment, improving soil quality and structure.

Recommendations for use:

  • Apply directly on the ground before planting or planting.
  • It can be mixed with the existing soil or used as a upper layer to revitalize fatigued lands.
  • The dosage will vary according to the type of crop and soil condition.

Key benefits:

  • Complete nutrition: It provides a wide range of organic and mineral nutrients.
  • Soil improvement: Increase porosity and water retention.
  • Sustainability: Ecological product, favors sustainable and regenerative agriculture.


  • Keep children and pets away.
  • Store in a dry and fresh place to maintain its quality and effectiveness.


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