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Greenhouse thermal blanket

Greenhouse thermal blanket

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Introducing our Thermal Blanket, a product from the "Mallas Agrícolas" collection, which has been meticulously designed to provide protection to open field crops against drops in environmental temperature. With the ability to increase the temperature between 6 and 7 degrees Celsius, this blanket is an ideal solution to keep your crops healthy during the cold seasons.

This product does not require a special structure for its installation due to its lightness (17gr/m2), allowing its placement directly on seedlings of all kinds of vegetables. The soil can be prepared both on the surface, in furrows or in ridges, adapting to your needs. Its placement is recommended in good weather and weak wind, extending the roll in favor of the prevailing wind to ensure better resistance.

The Thermal Blanket is reusable if stored carefully from one year to the next. However, due to its affordable price, in large crops it is usually used only once.

Most common uses: In addition to its use in vegetable and flower crops, the Thermal Blanket is used in greenhouses for a double chamber effect and as anti-frost in both autumn crops and sowings early spring.

Main advantages: This blanket is economical and allows crops to be treated and irrigated directly. It does not absorb water and dries immediately after rain, which makes it easy to maintain. It acts as a screen against insects and provides greater profitability by anticipating the harvest and avoiding freezing.

With the Thermal Blanket, you can easily control the temperature, advance the harvests and separate different crops in the same greenhouse. This blanket improves photosynthesis both in duration and intensity, with a greater opening of the stomata and greater productivity in the face of adverse factors. In addition, it provides climatic comfort to the plant by increasing the temperature between 6 and 7º C.

Living up to its name, the Thermal Blanket shelters your crops, ensuring an abundant harvest regardless of weather conditions.


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