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Slate gravel for roof covers

Slate gravel for roof covers

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Our slate gravel is manufactured from a crushed natural slate, ideal as a surface finish of flat or little inclination, especially asphalt.

Available measures:

  • 0-2 mm.
  • 2-5 mm. (Most used)
  • 5-14 mm.

Main characteristics and benefits:

  1. UV and climatic protection: Its application to the roof surface acts as a protective layer, preventing the damage caused by UV rays, extreme temperatures and inclement weather.

  2. Non -slip surface: It offers a safe and non -slip surface, ideal for walking on the roof when performing maintenance or repairs.

  3. Improved aesthetics: In addition to its functional advantages, the slate gravel enhances the aesthetics of the roof, providing an elegant and modern finish.

  4. Repair of damage: The natural gray natural slate granules are perfect to review the joints in sheets and correct the damage that the welding could have caused.

  5. For self -supporting covers: Ideal for covers that already have a self -protection based on mineral granulum.

Presentation of the product:

  • Available in Big Bag of 1,000 kg.
  • The Big Bags are reinforced, they have double handle and cover. This specialized design guarantees maximum safety, especially when it is raised by crane to the roofs.

Recommended applications:

  • Flat or little inclination roofs.
  • Asphalt covers that require a protective and aesthetic finish.
  • Review and correction of joints and damage in covers.

Instructions for use: Distribute evenly on the roof surface according to the specific needs of the project. Ensure applying a sufficient layer to obtain desired protection and aesthetics.

For more information and technical details about our blades of slate gravel, do not hesitate to contact us through our website: We are here to help you!


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