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Earthworm humus

Earthworm humus

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Our Worm Humus is a high quality organic fertilizer, produced from cattle manure through a vermicomposting process. This natural product, enriched and stabilized by worm activity, is designed to optimize soil health, promoting a fertile environment conducive to vigorous plant growth in a variety of agricultural and horticultural contexts.

Presentation Available:

  • Big Bag: 1.000 litres (750kg)

Components and Benefits:

  • Rich in Nutrients: It provides a wide variety of essential nutrients in forms that are easily assimilated by plants.
  • It improves soil structure: Promotes a loose and spongy structure, improving aeration and moisture retention.
  • Stimulates the Microbiota: Enriches the soil with beneficial microorganisms, promoting a biologically active and healthy environment.
  • Promotes Root Growth: Enhances the development of strong and healthy roots.
  • Safe and Ecological: Free of chemicals and pathogens, it is safe for the environment and growers.


Worm Humus is ideal for:

  • Ecological agriculture: Provides nutrients and improves soil structure in agricultural crops.
  • Horticulture: Ideal for growing fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants.
  • Gardening: Enriches the soil of gardens, pots and flower beds.
  • Soil Recovery: Restores and revitalizes exhausted or degraded soils.

Instructions for use:

  • Direct Application: Spread evenly over the surface and, if possible, lightly incorporate it into the soil.
  • Substrate Preparation: Mix with soil or substrate according to the needs of the crop.
  • Planting and Transplants: Add to the planting hole or trench to ensure good root contact.
  • Recommendation: Conduct soil tests to determine specific needs and adjust dosage accordingly.

Advantages of Worm Humus:

  • Superior Quality: Produced from cattle manure and processed to ensure a high quality product.
  • Sustainability: An ecological product that supports sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide variety of applications and plant types.


  • Store in a cool, dry place protected from direct sunlight.
  • Keep the bag closed when not in use to preserve the quality of the humus.

Safety and Handling:

  • Although it is a safe product, it is recommended to use gloves during handling to protect the skin.
  • In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

With Earthworm humus, will support not only the prosperity of your plants, but also the biodiversity and sustainability of your soil, creating a legacy of fertility and productivity for future harvests. Experience the difference of truly vital and thriving soil with us.

For more information, feel free to contact us directly or visit our website.

Note: The information provided is of a general and indicative nature. Always adjust practices and applications to the specific conditions and needs of your crops. If you have questions or need additional advice, we are here to help.


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