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Custom substrate

Custom substrate

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In Mineravi, we know that each plant has unique needs, and that each gardener has specific preferences. Therefore, we give you the opportunity to customize your custom substrate, allowing you to choose between a wide range of ingredients of the highest quality. Whether you look for a specific mixture for cactus, orchids, ornamental plants or orchards, we are here to help you get the perfect mixture.

Available ingredients:

  • Peat: It improves water retention and provides acidity to the substrate.
  • Expanded clay: Improves aeration and drainage.
  • Crushed expanded clay: It offers a better adjustment for substrates with minor granulometries.
  • Basalt: It provides minerals and trace elements to the substrate.
  • Vegetable land: A fertile and rich base for plant growth.
  • Perlita: Increases aeration and drainage.
  • Vermiculite: Increase water and nutrient retention.
  • Earthworm humus: Enriches the ground with essential nutrients.
  • Leonardita: Source of humic acid that improves nutrient retention.
  • Calcium carbonate: Corrects the acidity of the soil and provides calcium.
  • Dolomite: Calcium and magnesium source, helps adjust the pH of the soil.
  • Dunita: Igneous rocca rich in olivine, potentially beneficial for certain mixtures.
  • Magnesite: Source of magnesium for the ground.
  • Volcanic gravel: It improves drainage and brings an interesting texture to the substrate.
  • Granulated rock wool: It favors water retention and aeration.

Do you have an ingredient in mind that is not on our list? Let us know! We are always willing to customize and adapt to your requirements.

How does it work:

  1. Select the base of your substrate (eg Turba, vegetable land).
  2. Add the additional ingredients you want.
  3. Indicate the proportions you prefer for each component.
  4. If you have additional specifications or requests, leave us a comment.
  5. Finish your order and wait for your personalized substrate in the comfort of your home.

Price: [The price will vary according to the ingredients and proportions chosen].

Delivery time: [Depending on the availability of ingredients and current demand].

Note: It is always advisable to make a small test with some plants before using the personalized substrate on a large scale. This guarantees that the mixture is adequate for your specific needs.


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