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Crushed expanded clay sand

Crushed expanded clay sand

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A light crushed sand of Mineravi is made from expanded crushed clay of granulometries 0-1 mm. Designed to optimize construction, this sand combines the resistance and durability of traditional aggregates with the insulating and light properties of expanded clay.

Main characteristics:

  • Thermal isolation: It provides excellent insulating properties, reducing air conditioning needs.

  • Fire resistance: It reaches the Euroclase A-1 level, providing security and compliance with the strictest regulations.

  • Acoustic isolation: Its porous nature guarantees efficient acoustic absorption, ideal for quiet environments.

  • Durability: Degradation resistant, even in extreme humidity or temperature conditions.

  • Ecological: 100% natural product and no harmful elements for the environment.

Available formats:

  1. Big Bag
    • Volume: 0.7 m³
    • Recommended for: Large construction projects and industrial applications.
  2. Coat
    • Volume: 15 liters
    • Recommended for: Smaller projects, repairs or DIY.

Ideal for the manufacture of mortar and lightened concrete. Its crushed format guarantees a uniform integration and enhances the resistance of mixtures.

Instructions for use:
Mix with water and cement or the conglomerate of your choice following the recommended proportions to obtain the desired performance and properties.

It is recommended to store in a dry and protected place of direct exposure to the sun or extreme conditions.

About Mineravi: is a leader in the supply of technical minerals for construction. Committed to innovation and sustainability, we offer solutions that combine performance with environmental responsibility.

Alternative use: Sand for cats
In addition to its applications in construction, this crushed light sand is perfect for use as sand sand due to its ability to absorb and neutralization of odors. Discover more about this application in our Specific product file for cats!

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Discover the benefits of the crushed light sand and take your construction projects to the next level with In addition, explore our solutions for the care of your pets. Contact us for orders and consultations!


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