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Compost Mushroom aged

Compost Mushroom aged

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Composition and elaboration:

Mineravi offers used mushroom compost, a sustainable and economically efficient alternative derived from the mushroom cultivation process. This mixture, available in Big Bags of 1,000 liters (approximately 750 kg), contains straw, manure and other components, whose details may vary according to the manufacturer. This compost has gone through a pasteurization process during initial use, which eliminates weed seeds and other possible pathogens, guaranteeing a clean and safe product.

Advantages of the compost used:

  • Post-pasta security: Absence of weeds and pathogens thanks to the initial pasteurization process.
  • Nutritional presence: Although macronutrients are less abundant after being used, it still provides a valuable source of essential nutrients.
  • Competitive price: Offered at a lower cost compared to fresh compost, being a powerful and affordable alternative for growers seeking to save without sacrificing quality.

Diverse applications:

  • Soil improvement: Although it is not a "Ferrari" in terms of nutrients, it remains an efficient "vehicle" to improve soil structure and health.
  • Versatile use: Apt for a variety of applications in gardening and agriculture.

How to use:

  • Huertos and Parterres: Distribute 1-3 cm and mix it with the top layer of the ground.
  • Plants in pots: Incorporate in a proportion of 1: 3 with your regular substrate.
  • Grass: Spread evenly, being particularly useful in freshly planted or replanting areas.

Annual application:

Despite being a second -hand product, Mineravi's used mushroom compost is ready to be applied at any time of the year, providing a nutritious and friendly solution with your pocket in all stations.

Choose reliability, choose Mineravi:

In Mineravi, we guarantee quality mushroom compost, ready to revitalize your cultivation practices. Offering solutions that are both ecologically and economically sensible, we are their reliable ally in sustainable agriculture. Explore our range and discover how our products can enrich your cultivation practices today.


  • Essential nutrients: Abundant in macro and micronutrients, strengthening and revitalizing the soil.
  • PH regulator: The present calcium helps maintain a balanced pH, favoring the healthy development of plants.
  • Growth promotion: Despite having an adapted nitrogen content, it promotes robust and sustainable growth in plants.


Your professional choice in compost:

In Mineravi, we guarantee that our mushroom compost is completely aged and prepared for immediate use, eliminating conjectures and allowing it to focus on what you know best: cultivate. Your choice in our compost is not only a step towards healthier crops and improved yields, but also an investment in continuous soil improvement for future cultivation seasons.

Discover our special mixtures with mushroom compost:

  1. Volcanic compost and lava:
    • Nutritional benefits: The addition of volcanic lava provides critical micronutrients, balancing and enriching the nutritional profile of the compost.
  2. Compost, volcanic lava and earthworm humus:
    • Super-product: The incorporation of earthworm humus raises the presence of macronutrients, offering complete nutritional enrichment (compost and humus macronutrients, lava micronutrients) at an attractive price.

Discover Mineravi:

We offer a range of meticulously selected and tested biodynamic products, each designed to support and enrich their cultivation practices, both for B2B businesses and for end customers. Our mushroom compost is one of the many high quality products that we offer to ensure that its soil and plants receive the best.


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