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Agricultural caolin

Agricultural caolin

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Caolin for agriculture

Product name: Premium agricultural caolin


  • 20 kg bag.
  • Full Palet of 50 Sacos (20 Kg. Each)


The premium agricultural caolin, also known as white clay powder, is a natural product, mainly composed of the caolinite mineral. This high quality coating agent offers an effective solution against various environmental and biological threats, improving the health and performance of plants in a wide range of agricultural conditions. It is especially effective as a protector against fly and mosquito pests, in addition to protecting crops from ultraviolet radiation and decreasing evapotranspiration.


  • Pest control: Especially effective against fly and mosquito pests, acting as a physical barrier. Caolin can act as a physical barrier between plants and various types of pests, such as insects and mites. When covering the leaves, it makes it difficult for the pests to be feed or put eggs on them. It can also help prevent certain fungal diseases by preventing spores from adhere to plants.
  • Sun protection and against thermal stress: It reflects sunlight and protects against ultraviolet radiation, helping plants to support periods of water stress and excess heat or sunstroke. Caolin reflects sunlight, which can help prevent solar burns in fruits and leaves. This is particularly useful in regions with high solar radiation and high temperatures. When reflecting sunlight, caolin can also reduce the surface temperature of the leaves. This helps plants better handle thermal stress during periods of intense heat.
  • Efficiency in water use: Evapotranspiration decreases, allowing plants to conserve more water. Caolin coating can reduce the perspiration of plants, which means that plants can retain more water. This is especially beneficial during periods of drought or in areas with limited access to water.
  • Safe and ecological: It does not present toxicity for other animals or soils, making it ideal for use in organic farming.


Premium agricultural caolin should be applied directly on plants in its dust form. Its "refreshing" action is ideal to help plants during periods of stress due to lack of water and excess heat. This product is easy to use and does not require specific instructions for its application, being its visible effectiveness in the protection and improvement of crop health.

Certification for organic farming

According to Regulation (CE) No. 1107/2009 and the Execution Regulations 2021/1165, Caolin (Aluminum Silicate) is considered a conventional and low -risk active substance, suitable for use as an insect repellent in organic farming, always that has the corresponding phytosanitary record.

Why choose us?

On, we are committed to offering products of the highest quality to support farmers in the protection and improvement of their crops. Our Premium agricultural caolin is an effective and sustainable solution to face the challenges of modern agriculture, guaranteeing healthy and productive crops, with the support of regulatory compliance for use in organic farming.

Visit us at and discover how our premium agricultural caolin can transform your agricultural production today!


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