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Calcium sulfate for mineral loads

Calcium sulfate for mineral loads

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Introducing our high quality Calcium Sulfate, a natural, ecological and neutral mineral dihydrate, uniquely adapted to be mixed with a wide variety of products. This product, in addition to being ecological, non-combustible (M-O) and non-flammable (M-1), stands out for not producing smoke or toxic gases, guaranteeing user safety. It is odorless, does not contaminate water, and has no expiration date, making it a sustainable and long-lasting option for your industrial needs.

Our Calcium Sulfate is used in various industrial sectors. It is a special filler for the paint industry, and is also used in the paper and cardboard industry, in ceramics, and in the manufacture of adhesives, glues, and mastics. In addition, it serves as a corrector or stabilizer in numerous applications.

The presentation of our product is customized according to the client's needs. It is normally supplied in anonymous 25 Kg C+C 2-ply paper bags, in 1000 Kg Big Bags or loaded in bulk in tanker trucks. We offer the product palletized and plasticized, loaded on truck or container, for a safe and efficient delivery.

At the level of industrial analysis, this product stands out for its low humidity (0.004%), crystallized water content (6.35%), calcium oxide (CaO) of 37.39%, and sulfur oxide (SO3 ) of 53.80%. In addition, it has a carbonate (CO2) level of 0.80% and a neutral pH of 6.35. Its whiteness ranges between 81 and 85% according to the R457 regulation, and its oil absorption is 25 ml/100g. The solubility in water (including crystallized water) is 41.98%. The refractive index is 1.55 n, the hardness is 2.55 Mhos and the specific weight is 2.40 g/cm3.

At, we are proud to offer the best quality mineral products, such as this Calcium Sulfate. Our commitment is to safety, sustainability and customization to meet your industrial needs.


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