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Calcium sulfate for food

Calcium sulfate for food

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Employment Dihydrado calcium sulfate is a product of excellent quality, natural, ecological and neutral, ideal for food applications such as additive. This ingredient has been meticulously selected and prepared to be used in the manufacture, elaboration or transformation of food products, such as acidulants additives, acidity correctors, gasifying and others.

This product comes in convenient presentations for the customer, usually supplied in sacks of anonymous paper of two B+B leaves of 25 kg, palletized, plasticized and loaded on truck or container. Each item is accompanied by its corresponding label and analysis, guaranteeing the quality and characteristics of the product.

A safety sieve is recommended before final consumption, guaranteeing the quality in its manufacturing process. The industrial analysis shows a humidity of 0.004 %, crystallized water of 5.55 %, calcium oxide of 38.50 %and sulfur oxide of 54.50 %. It contains minimum levels of arsenic, lead, mercury and selenium, all below 1.00 mg/kg, and mercury below 0.50 mg/kg. The pH level is 6.78 (neutral), and whiteness ranges from 87 - 91 %, following the R457 regulations.

The granulometric analysis reveals a fine distribution of particle size, with 70 % of the product at 20 microns, 82 % to 32 microns, 87 % to 40 microns, 92 % to 50 microns, and 99 % to 63 microns .

Choose our calcium sulfate for food for its unmatched quality and respect for ecology and nature.


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