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Calcium carbonate for chickens

Calcium carbonate for chickens

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In chicken feed, calcium carbonate is used as a key ingredient in diet formulation to ensure that chickens receive sufficient calcium in their daily feed. Hens that do not get enough calcium in their diet can develop health problems such as brittle bones, low egg production, and eggs with weak shells.

Calcium carbonate can be added to the diet of chickens in various ways, such as in powder form or as a mixture of granules. The amount of calcium carbonate that should be added to the diet of the hens depends on several factors, such as the age of the birds, their rate of egg production, and the amount of calcium present in the diet ingredients.

It is important to ensure that chickens have constant access to fresh, clean water, as calcium is water soluble and chickens need to drink enough water to absorb it properly. Furthermore, it is important to note that a diet excessively high in calcium can be harmful to chickens and can lead to health problems such as kidney stones.


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