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Calcium agricultural limestone

Calcium agricultural limestone

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Mineravi calcium agricultural lime provides a solid solution to nurture and balance agricultural and gardening soils. Available in two granulometries, this product is presented in micronized form at 100 microns (100 µm.) And powder with 0-1 mm particles, being able to be chosen according to the specific needs of speed and application efficiency in different types of cultivation .

Composition and elaboration:

Calcium agricultural lime is a natural product derived from calcium carbonate, essential to provide the crops of a fundamental element for its development and growth. With its high capacity to regulate the pH of the soil, optimizes the absorption of nutrients, improves the structure of the soil, and enhances the quality and performance of the crops.


  • Calcium contribution: Fundamental to strengthen the cellular structure of plants and to boost various metabolic processes.

  • PH regulator: The pH of the soil balances, facilitating the availability and absorption of essential nutrients.

  • Soil optimization: It improves the physical characteristics of the soil, favoring its drainage and aeration and promoting microbial activity.

Grain and efficiency sizes:

  • Micronized 100 microns: It offers rapid and efficient action, being especially useful for last -minute pH corrections or for soils that require rapid intervention.

  • 0-1 mm dust: Although its action is more gradual, this granulometry provides a sustained release of calcium, being effective in maintaining soil health over time.

Available formats:

  • 20 kg bags: Ideal for small areas of land or for domestic gardeners.

  • Big Bag of 1,000 kg. Adequate for large surfaces or for professionals in the agricultural sector.

  • Complete pallet: It contains 50 sacks of 20 kg. Each, providing a convenient solution for large -scale projects or for long -term storage.

Application and dosage:

Dosage and application time may vary depending on the type of crop, the initial pH of the soil, and the objectives of pH correction. It is crucial to perform a previous soil analysis to determine the necessary exact dosing.

Ways to apply it:

  • Manual: Spreading directly and then incorporating it by tillage.

  • Machinery: Using calcium spreaders or through specialized machinery for a more uniform and efficient application.

In Mineravi, we ensure that our calcium agricultural cal is of the highest quality, guaranteeing a product that will enrich and revitalize its soils, enhancing the health and productivity of its crops. With flexible options in granulometry and packaging, we adapt to the needs of each farmer and gardener, supporting various scales of agricultural and gardening projects.


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