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Bonsáis substrate (Akadama substitute)

Bonsáis substrate (Akadama substitute)

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Nature offers us a diversity of resources that, when applied correctly, can revolutionize our cultivation practices. One of those resources, of volcanic origin, is the fine volcanic gravel, a premium option when it comes to substrates, especially for Bonsáis and Cactus.

Of volcanic origin: Volcanic eruptions, along the millennia, have endowed the land of a unique mineral wealth. The volcanic gravel, direct product of these eruptions, inherits this wealth and becomes an unmatched ally for cultivation.

Main characteristics:

  • Granulometry available: 1-2 mm and 2-4 mm.
  • Greater contribution of minerals: Being a direct derivative of volcanic rocks, this gravel surpasses other substrates such as Akadama. In comparison, it offers 27% more silicon, 12% calcium, 10% more magnesium and 3% more iron.
  • Nutritious decomposition: The singularity of the volcanic gravel lies in its ability to release micronutrients with each irrigation. These nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium, iron and silicon, are gradually released, constantly nourishing the bonsai or cactus.
  • Attractive color: Its color palette that varies between red, brown and garnet, not only fulfills a nutritional function but also aesthetic, highlighting and complementing the beauty of the bonsais and cactus.


  • Versatile substrate: It is a successful choice for both Bonsais and Cactus.
  • Akadama replacement and improper: Compared to Akadama, volcanic gravel not only offers a more optimal crop support, but also more nutritious.
  • Esthetic: Its rich tone enhances the natural beauty of the plant, providing a touch of sophistication.

The use of fine volcanic gravel guarantees a higher culture experience. With its mineral wealth and aesthetic characteristics, it is the ideal substrate for those who seek the best for their bonsais and cactus, ensuring not only their health, but also a lush flowering and growth.


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