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Black stone aquariums

Black stone aquariums

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Elegance and functionality converge in our Pebbles and basalt gravel, specifically designed for the enhancement and care of aquariums and fish tanks. Its neutral and safe characteristics make it the ideal partner for any aquatic environment, offering an attractive underwater landscape without compromising the health of its inhabitants.

Main characteristics:

  • Decorative: Its black-larked color intensifies under water, giving a more vivid and at the same time completely natural appearance to its aquarium or fishbowl.

  • Safe: Without liberation from harmful substances over time. The Pebbles They have softened edges to guarantee the safety of smaller fish.

  • Versatility: Available in gravel and edge, suitable for all types of aquariums and fish tanks.

  • Ideal substrate: We offer micro granulometries that act as an exceptional substrate for fresh and salted water aquariums. It does not reflect the light and provides a firm fixation for the roots.

  • Recommendation: Although our gravels and substrates are delivered washed, we suggest an additional washing before use to minimize residual dust.

  • GUARANTEED NATURALITY: 100% natural product, without adulterants or added substances.

Benefits for resellers:

  • Insured quality: We guarantee the purity and quality of each lot, ensuring the satisfaction of its customers.

  • Diversity of use: Adaptability for different types of aquariums and fish tanks, expanding the target market.

  • Presentation and packaging: Each package is carefully handled to ensure that the product reaches its customers in optimal conditions.

Ideal for:

  • Stores specialized in aquariums and fish tanks.
  • Pet items distributors.
  • Interior decoration suppliers and aquatic landscape.


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