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Naturable soil stabilizer

Naturable soil stabilizer

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Naturable, it is a premium solution for the treatment of trails and surfaces, guaranteeing durability, comfort and an aesthetic that melts with the natural environment. This product is an amalgam of natural hydraulic lime enriched with other components that improve its properties, thus offering optimal performance even in adverse climatic conditions.


  1. Integration into the environment: The path treated with naturally maintains its original appearance and coloration, allowing a total harmony with the surrounding landscape. It allows the ground to breathe since it is a porous pavement.

  2. Minimum impact on the environment: Designed thinking about the ecosystem, its implementation respects and preserves the nature of the application area.

  3. Insured comfort: Ideal for cyclists, people with reduced mobility and pedestrians. It offers a firm, stable and comfortable surface for traffic.

  4. Durability: The solidity and resistance of natural guarantees a long life of the pavement, reducing the need for frequent interventions.

  5. Customizable finishes: From a natural aspect to a finish similar to smooth concrete, the versatility of naturally allows you to adapt to different tastes and needs.

  6. Use of local sands: Promoting sustainability and visual adaptation, it allows the incorporation of native sands to achieve a tune finish with the environment.

  7. Minimum maintenance: Once installed, Naturable demands little maintenance. In addition, it avoids the appearance of weeds and the formation of puddles, reducing long -term costs and efforts.

Technical specifications:

  • Main components: Natural hydraulic lime and other empowerment elements.
  • Properties: Low water content that facilitates clay flocculation and compaction.
  • Climate resistance: It guarantees optimal performance in extreme climatic conditions, ensuring that the road maintains its appearance and functionality at all times.

Conclusion: Naturable is not just a paving solution; It is a promise of durability, aesthetics and respect for the environment. When opting for naturally, you not only choose a quality product, but also a commitment to the nature and comfort of those who transit for it.

Acquire natural at and transform your paths into lasting, beautiful and respectful paths with the environment.

Big Bag price of 1,000 kg. (On request it can be done in Big Bag 1,200 kg for export)


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