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Basalt rock flour 5290 CGS

Basalt rock flour 5290 CGS

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Revitalize Your Crops with the Exceptional Power of Basalt Flour: 5290 µCGS of Paramagnetic Vitality!

Discover the millennia-old secret for stronger and more productive crops. Basalt flour isn't just a mineral amendment; it's a life elixir for your soil, charged with an exceptional paramagnetic value of 5290 µCGS. This power not only meets one of the essential three M's of ecological agriculture—minerals—but redefines soil remineralization for a new era of vitality and abundance.

The Revolution in Ecological Agriculture: Organic Matter, Microorganisms, and Enhanced Minerals.

At the heart of resilient and rich agriculture lies a perfect balance, a model that has supported life for aeons. In our era of agricultural challenges, basalt flour emerges as a cornerstone for restoring this balance, delivering an unprecedented impact on soil remineralization. With 5290 µCGS of paramagnetic energy, it transforms the earth to cultivate resilience, health, and productivity like never before.

Transform Your Soil with the Paramagnetic Supremacy of Basalt.

- Supreme Remineralization: Enriches the soil with more than 70 essential minerals, including silicon, calcium, magnesium, and iron, catalyzed by an unmatched value of 5290 µCGS for optimal absorption.

- Exponential Yield Increase: Accelerates root growth and maximizes nutrient uptake, boosting the productivity of your crops to extraordinary levels.

- Soil Regeneration: Alters soil structure, improving aeration and water retention capacity, leading to healthier and more resilient crops.

- pH Balance and Soil Nutrition: Optimizes soil health, enhancing cation exchange capacity and enriching the mineral profile.

- Natural Protection: Strengthens plants against pests and diseases, promoting a healthier agricultural ecosystem.

- Moisture Retention: Improves water retention, ensuring constant hydration and reducing the need for frequent watering.

- Climate Benefit: Significantly contributes to carbon dioxide sequestration, offering a powerful, natural solution against climate change.

Advanced Chemical Composition: The Power of Basalt Rock for Agriculture:

Maximize the Power of Your Crops with the Ideal Time and Quantity.

Apply the transformative power of basalt flour in autumn to fully integrate its exceptional benefits. Whether sprinkled directly onto the soil or mixed into irrigation water, the recommended dose of about 400 kg per hectare will unleash a renaissance in your crops, thanks to its impressive paramagnetic value of 5290 µCGS.


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