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Silice Substrate Arena

Silice Substrate Arena

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Sandy sand in the planting of canons

Our sandy sand in the planting of canons is specifically designed to help canons to improve the quality of their harvest and simplify the collection process. This product provides an effective barrier between the plant and the earth, helping to prevent pollution and diseases, resulting in a high quality canon.

The sandy process consists of covering the freshly planted land with our special sand. When the seed germinates, the sand separates the floor from the ground, preventing the leaves from touching the earth. This helps prevent diseases and pollution that could affect the quality of the crop.

In addition, the sand greatly facilitates the collection. The blade cuts between the earth and the sand, allowing to collect plants in perfect condition. The sand remains in place after the collection, which means that with each harvest its substrate becomes finer and more suitable for future plantings.

Product characteristics:

  • Color: Orange
  • Granulometry: Optimal for the cultivation of canons
  • Roundness: Perfect to provide a barrier between the plant and the earth without damaging the plant.

Our sandy sand in the planting of canons is widely used in the greenhouses in southern Navarra, on the riverbank of Navarra. It is a proven product and appreciated by the most demanding canons growers.

Try our sand for sand and discover how you can improve the quality of your canons cultivation.

We can serve it in bulk into full trucks of 25 tn., Do not hesitate to consult.


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