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Agricultural Polyester Cable

Agricultural Polyester Cable

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Mineravi's Agricultural Polyester Cable is the perfect ally for your agricultural needs. This polyester thread is a highly resistant material with a wide range of applications in the agricultural sector, from the construction of greenhouses to the creation of supports for meshes and fruit structures. This polyester cable, available in 10 kg rolls in various gauges, is the ideal solution to resist mechanical loads and maintain tension without forcing the structures.

Calibers and Meters per Roll:

  • 2.2mm (1800 meters)
  • 2.6mm (1400 meters)
  • 3mm (1000 meters)
  • 4mm (600 meters)
  • 5mm (300 meters)
  • 3x3mm (900 meters)

Product Features:

  • High resistance and controlled elasticity
  • Impact resistance
  • High retraction capacity for permanent tension
  • No maintenance required
  • Resistant to oxidation and phytosanitary products
  • Resistant to UV rays, extreme temperatures and humidity
  • Does not conduct electricity, reducing the risk of accidents
  • Lightweight for easy installation
  • Mechanical resistance of 60 Kgf
  • Resists temperatures from -40ºC to +70ºC
  • Various diameters for different applications


  • Fruit Structures
  • Mesh support
  • Clamping heads
  • Cherry ceiling
  • Construction of greenhouses
  • Thermal screens
  • Vineyards and intensive cultivation of olive groves

With a useful life of more than 30 years, the Agricultural Polyester Cable does not rust and is less abrasive with meshes and plastics, which extends its useful life. It can be placed on any post and structure, whether made of wood, cement or iron, and offers resistance without deforming at extreme temperatures. Save time and labor with its permanent tension, without the need to re-tension it.

Mineravi is proud to offer Agricultural Polyester Cable, the perfect solution for your agricultural needs. Trust in the resistance and durability of this product to keep your structures and crops safe and supported.


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