Collection: Vio Habit

In, we are proud to present Vio Habit, an innovative brand that offers an extensive range of mineral products specifically designed for the well -being of animals and pets. From aquarium and reptile substrates to supplements such as calcium carbonate for chickens, birds and parrots, Vio Inhabit provides natural and authentic solutions that improve the quality of life of your pets.

Our variety of products includes:

  1. Aquarium and reptile substrates:

    • Quartz and volcanic gravels: Perfect to create aesthetic and healthy aquatic environments.
    • Desert sand: It provides a natural habitat for desert reptiles, helping heat retention and promoting natural behaviors.
  2. Mineral supplements:

    • Calcium carbonate: Crucial for bone health of chickens, birds and parrots, ensuring the proper formation of eggshells and skeleton strengthening.
    • Diatomaceous earth: A natural option for deworming cats, safe and effective.
  3. Beds and substrates for large animals:

    • Beds for cows and bulls: Materials that provide comfort and safety, maintaining a clean and healthy environment in the stables.
    • Turtle stones: Safe and aesthetically pleasant substrates that mimic the natural habitat of turtles, promoting their well -being.
  4. Rocks and Aquascaping decoration:

    • Decorative Rocks: Ideal to create impressive underwater landscapes, perfect for Aquascaping projects that seek to replicate nature.

Reasons to choose from habit:

  • Natural and authentic products: All our products are made of natural minerals, without chemical additives, guaranteeing the safety and health of your pets.
  • Superior quality: Each product meets the highest quality standards, providing effective and lasting solutions.
  • Global availability: Our products can be sent anywhere in the world, helping pets everywhere to live in an environment that resembles their natural habitat.
  • Commitment to animal welfare: In Vio inhabit, we are dedicated to making your pets happier and more healthy, offering products that promote their well -being and natural behaviors.

He saw habit It is not just a brand, it is a commitment to nature and animal welfare. With our products, your pets will live as in their own home, enjoying a healthy and natural environment. Discover the difference you saw inhabitants can make in the life of your animals, providing solutions that respect and mimate their innate nature.