Collection: Dolomy hydroxide

Dolomy hydroxide is a chemical compound that is commonly used in industrial water purification as a neutralizing. Dolomite is a sedimentary rock composed mainly of calcium and magnesium carbonate (CAMG (CO3) 2), and dolomit hydroxide occurs when the dolomite reacts with sodium or potassium hydroxide.

When industrial processes are used, liquid effluents are generated that are often highly alkaline or acidic, which makes them a danger danger if they are not neutralized before discharge. Dolomy hydroxide can act as an effective neutralizing, since it reacts with acids or bases to increase or decrease the water pH.

In addition, when dolly hydroxide is used as neutralizing, a lower amount of solid waste can be obtained than if other chemicals are used, such as calcium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide. This is because the dolomite consists of two alkaline salts, so when used as neutralizing, it generates less residues than other chemicals.

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