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Calcium hydroxide or turned away

Calcium hydroxide, also known as calm lime, is an inorganic chemical compound that is obtained through calcium oxide reaction (living lime) with water. It is a white and crystalline powder that is used in a wide variety of applications, from construction to agriculture and medicine.

One of the most important applications of calcium hydroxide is its ability to treat and decontaminate gases. When exposed to acid gases such as sulfur dioxide and hydrogen chloride, calcium hydroxide reacts to form insoluble salts that can be easily removed from air. For this reason, it is used in the industry to purify the gases emitted by the factory and power plants.

In addition, calcium hydroxide is used in water treatment for human consumption. When added to contaminated water, calcium hydroxide reacts with the acids present in the water to neutralize them and raise the pH of the water. This helps to precipitate the solids suspended in the water and eliminate the bacteria and viruses present in it.

Another important application of calcium hydroxide is in construction, where it is used in the manufacture of mortars and plasters. It is also used in agriculture as a source of calcium and to reduce the acidity of the soil.

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