Collection: Biodynamic Agriculture

Explore the synergy between soil and cosmos with Mineravi, your portal to innovative Biodynamic Agriculture. Inspired by the principles of Rudolf Steiner, we present a collection that nourishes and revolutionizes your agricultural practice, respecting and celebrating life in all its forms.

▶️ Organic Fertilizers with Basalt: Discover fertilizers enriched with basalt, releasing essential minerals and promoting robust plant health and resistance to diseases.

▶️ Worm Humus and Volcanic Flour: Optimize the vigor of your plants with our mixture of humus and volcanic flour, offering a rich source of nutrients and minerals.

▶️ Biodynamic Preparations: Synchronize your farm with the cosmos using our biodynamic preparations, promoting growth cycles in harmony with universal rhythms.

▶️ Sustainable Protection Solutions: Defend your crops with ecological solutions, ensuring an agricultural practice that respects and sustains the environment.

With Mineravi, embark on a journey towards agriculture that nourishes, protects and is intrinsically connected to the universe. Discover the perfect balance for your farming practice and join the biodynamic revolution today. 🌱✨