Collection: cow bedding

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At our store, we strive to offer high-quality products that improve the lives of your animals. For this reason, we present our latest collection of sand specially designed for cow bedding, with a selection of the best sand on the market.

The sand used in cow bedding is usually of volcanic origin, such as zeolite, or absorbent minerals such as bentonite. These arenas stand out for their ability to keep the bedding dry and clean, thus providing a comfortable and healthy environment for your cows.

Our sands have drying effect properties, which help absorb moisture and reduce the proliferation of bacteria and fungi. In addition, they have disinfectant characteristics, thanks to their natural components that effectively combat pathogens and microorganisms.

The use of these sands in cow bedding promotes better hygiene, reducing the risk of infections and diseases, and improving the quality of life of the animals. Likewise, they facilitate the cleaning and maintenance tasks of livestock facilities.

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