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Has the production of your crops decreased due to exhausted soils and the high cost of chemical fertilizers?

Revitalizes your soils, increase production, and save with our mineral amendments

Agricultural amendments directly from quarry to your field

"Transforms your crops with our mineral amendments directly from the quarry, ensuring a more ecological and sustainable agriculture. It drives production while saving, rejecting the dependence of chemical fertilizers and taking a breath to your land."

Increases production in an ecological way

Our amendments revitalize your exhausted soil, promoting more robust growth and greater production without resorting to chemicals.

Intelligent investment

Investing in your soils now with our economic and effective amendments ensures prosperous crops for years and savings in chemical fertilizers.


We eliminate intermediaries, offering unbeatable prices and direct shipments to your project.

Summary of our agricultural amendments and its main benefits

  1. Dolomite agricultural lime

    • Main advantage: It helps adjust the pH of the soil, increasing and providing calcium and magnesium, essential for soil structure and the absorption of nutrients by plants.
  2. Basalt flour

    • Main advantage: It enriches the soil with essential minerals and trace elements, improves soil structure and promotes root development.
  3. Agricultural plaster

    • Main advantage: It acts to improve the structure of clay and saline soils, provides calcium and sulfur without affecting the pH of the soil.
  4. Volcanic lava flour

    • Main advantage: It provides a wide variety of minerals and improves water retention and nutrients in the soil.
  5. Aging mushroom compost

    • Main advantage: It increases organic matter of the soil, improving its structure and promoting a fertile environment for crops.
  6. Earthworm humus

    • Main advantage: It improves soil capacity to retain water and nutrients, while providing a diverse nutrient load easily assimilable by plants.
  7. Mushroom compost + earthworm + volcanic lava humus

    • Main advantage: It combines the advantages of the structural improvement of the soil, the increase in organic matter, and the addition of essential minerals for a deeply enriched soil.
  8. Lombriz humus + volcanic lava

    • Main advantage: Increases the retention of nutrients and water in the soil, while adding a rich mixture of minerals to strengthen the growth of plants.
  9. Mushroom compost + earthworm humus

    • Main advantage: It enhances the soil with a mixture rich in nutrients and improves the structure of the soil, promoting a healthier environment for the roots.
  10. Lombriz humus + basalt flour

    • Main advantage: It enriches the soil with a variety of minerals and improves soil capacity to sustain and nurture plant growth.

Next, explore in detail each of our agricultural amendments. If you want to deepen the knowledge about your application, benefits and advice, we invite you to visit our Blog, specifically the "Agricultural Wiki" section, where you will find a vast specialized information library to nurture your agricultural practice.