El Olivino (Dunita) como Sustituto Ecológico para el Chorreado

Olivine (Dunite) as an Ecological Substitute for Blasting

The world of technical minerals is wide and fascinating, and at Mineravi.com we are always looking for those that are not only effective but also safe for the environment and workers. This is why today we want to talk about olivine, also known as dunite, a mineral that has proven to be a sustainable alternative to the popular abrasive: silica sand.

Olivine compared to Garnet and Silica Sand

Although garnet sand has been widely used in various applications, olivine is not far behind. Their results are comparable, but with a significant advantage: cost. Olivine is noticeably cheaper, making work done outdoors more profitable.

Furthermore, olivine is emerging as an ideal substitute for silica sand. The main reason is security. Unlike silica sand, which poses health risks due to free crystalline silica that can cause silicosis, olivine has no such risks. Its silica content is amorphous, a form that is harmless and easily expelled by the body.

Applications of Olivine

This versatile mineral is used in a variety of jobs, such as:

  • Blasting of metal surfaces and structures.
  • Preparation of surfaces before painting.
  • Submarine blasting.
  • Restoration of stone and concrete facades.
  • Cleaning fiberglass hulls.
  • Graffiti removal.
  • Blasting near water sources such as aquifers.

Benefits of Olivine

Olivine stands out for its grain uniformity, hardness and morphology. These characteristics ensure homogeneous results that are easily reproducible, ideal for outdoor cleaning jobs where it is not always possible to recover the used abrasive material.

Olivine vs. Silica sand

In addition to being safer, olivine is an economical alternative to silica sand. As we mentioned above, olivine does not contain free crystalline silica, which eliminates the risk of silicosis. It is a conscious choice for both the worker's health and the employer's pocketbook.

Olivine Specifications

Olivine complies with all European labor, health and hygiene regulations. Its free silica content is less than the 0.50% allowed. At a chemical level, it contains:

  • MgO: 49.00%
  • SiO2: 41.50%
  • Fe2O3: 7.00%
  • Among others.

It has a distinctive green color, with an apparent density of ±1.7 kg/dm3. Depending on the application, different grit sizes can be selected, from the coarsest ones ideal for removing paints and deposits, to the finest ones, perfect for delicate restorations.


At Mineravi.com, we are committed to safer and more sustainable alternatives in the field of technical minerals. Olivine is an excellent choice for those looking for an effective and environmentally friendly abrasive material. We invite everyone to consider this mineral as a responsible solution for their blasting jobs.

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