Optimizando la Limpieza Ambiental con Absorbentes Minerales: Un Vistazo a la Puzolana y la Dolomita

Optimizing environmental cleaning with mineral absorbents: a look at the puzolana and the dolomite

At present, environmental responsibilities in industries, workshops, and laboratories put in the foreground the need to safely and effectively manage the spills and leaks of liquid substances. In Mineravi, we know the importance of using ecological and efficient solutions to manage these incidents and, therefore, we offer options for high quality mineral absorbents such as puzolana and dolomite.

Section 1: Mineral absorbents - The ecological barrier to spills

Mineral absorbents are crucial components in the management of substance spills such as oils, chemicals and other potentially dangerous liquids. The pozzolana and the dolomite, each with its unique characteristics, act as barriers and sponges, quickly absorbing liquids and minimizing negative environmental impacts.

Section 2: Puzolana - The volcanic solution for spills

The Puzzo, a volcanic material par excellence, has not only been appreciated in the construction industry, but has also emerged as an effective mineral absorbent. Its porous structure and fluid retention capacity make it an invaluable resource to control spills and avoid the spread of polluting fluids in the environment.

  • Applications:
    • Control and cleaning of spills in industries and laboratories.
    • Soil improvement in terms of moisture retention.

Section 3: Dolomita - The absorbent force of a multifaceted mineral

La Dolomita, known for its resistance and versatility, has been widely used in various industries from agriculture to construction. In the context of mineral absorbents, the dolomite stands out for its effectiveness in the absorption of liquids and its easy handling and disposition.

  • Applications:
    • Absorption of acids and bases in industrial environments.
    • Neutralization of acidic soils in agricultural practices.

Section 4: Advantages of using Puzzolana and Dolomita as absorbents

Adopt Puzolana and Dolomita as mineral absorbents in your spill management strategy presents several advantages, including:

  • Sustainability: Natural materials that minimize the environmental impact.
  • Efficiency: High absorbent capacity for rapid response to spills.
  • Versatility: Application in various situations and types of spilled liquids.
  • Easy to use: Simple to apply, handle and dispose after use.


In Mineravi, we are committed to providing solutions that are not only efficient but also ecologically responsible. The puzolana and La Dolomita, available in our store, are testimony of this commitment, offering industries and professionals a safe and effective alternative in spill management.

Explore ours product range to discover solutions that drive a cleaner and green operation in their work environment.

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