Turba: Una Solución Ecológica para Contaminantes Ambientales

Mob: an ecological solution for environmental pollutants

Today, we want to talk to you about a surprising natural resource: the mob, specifically the peat peat moss, and its ability to face various environmental problems.

Absorption of pollutants Sphagnum Pedat Moss peat stands out for its ability to absorb a wide range of pollutants in different media such as water, earth, subsoil and asphalt. This capacity makes it a key tool to treat unwanted spills and uncontrolled spills of hydrocarbons and their derivatives, thus solving important environmental problems.

Unique properties The mob is composed of curls with millions of cells that have a unique capillary vessel. When activating the mob through a calorific process, its normal characteristics are reversed, making it a hydrophobo product (water repellent) and attractive for hydrocarbons. The most notable is that, once it absorbs pollutants, it does not allow their leaching, that is, it prevents them from being released again to the environment.

Absorption efficiency The efficiency of the mob is impressive: a kilogram of this material can absorb up to five liters of hydrochloric acid, solvents, or three liters of nitric acid. In addition, it quickly absorbs different types of oils and fuels, and when used in water, it forms a vegetable mantle on the surface that is easy to collect and does not sink.

Uses and applications The mob can be used in multiple scenarios, such as hard surfaces (roads, agricultural farms) and aqueous domains (rivers, seas, lakes). In addition, it is excellent for preventing and treating pollution in drains and regenerating contaminated land.

Sustainable peat culture Sphagnum's mob is grown in swampy basks with acidic and little oxygenated waters. In its cultivation, unnecessary vegetations are eliminated and the mob is collected responsible, ensuring its sustainability and effectiveness.

Conclusion Sphagnum Pedat Moss peat represents an effective and natural solution to address complex environmental problems. In Mineravi, we are committed to the use of natural resources that not only solve current problems but also protect our planet for future generations.

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