Arena Ligera Triturada para Morteros y Hormigones Aligerados

Light sand for lightweight mortar and concrete

In the process of constantly searching for optimized building materials, expansive clay has become an innovative and efficient solution. proudly launched its star product: "Light sand for lightweight mortar and concrete". A revolution in the field of architecture, this type of sand is composed of crushed expansive clay with a particle size of 0-1 millimeters.

Why is expansive clay crushed?
Unlike traditional circular expansive clay, the crushed version is more evenly integrated into the mixture, which may improve the strength of mortar and concrete. This translates into a stronger and more durable structure, without sacrificing the lightweight properties of this material.

Benefits and advantages

  1. Advanced insulationExpansive clay is an excellent insulation material that ensures indoor coolness in summer and warmth in winter, optimizing energy consumption.

  2. Fire resistanceOne of its most prominent features is its extreme fire resistance, reaching the famous European A-class -1 level.

  3. sound insulationDue to its porous nature, this lightweight sand provides superior sound insulation, reduces noise transmission, and ensures a quieter environment.

  4. DurabilitySwelling clay will not degrade over time. Its composition has no organic components and will not change under extreme humidity or temperature conditions.

  5. ecological safetyIt is a completely natural and organic product, free from harmful elements. It represents sustainable and safe choices for all types of buildings.

Expansive Clay: The Land of the Future
The versatility of expansive clay as an arid clay is indisputable. It combines the traditional advantages of aggregates, such as mechanical strength and ability to mix with gravel, as well as the unique properties of insulation materials. This fusion of intensity and brightness, combined with its thermal and acoustic properties, makes it the preferred material for modern architectural professionals.

Lightweight crushed sand for lightweight mortar and concrete "demonstrates's commitment to innovation and sustainability. We invite builders, architects, and DIY enthusiasts to experience the advantages of this transformational product. At Mineravi, we are redefining the foundation for future construction. Join this revolution!

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