Descubre las infinitas aplicaciones de los minerales técnicos

Discover the infinite applications of technical minerals

  1. Construction industry:

    • Cement and mortar manufacturing
    • Manufacture of construction materials such as bricks, tiles and panels
    • Production of paints, coatings and sealants
  2. Chemical industry:

    • Production of inorganic chemicals
    • Manufacture of fertilizers and pesticides
    • Production of adhesives and resins
  3. Paper and cardboard industry:

    • Papermaking as mineral filler and pigment
    • Improvement of the mechanical and optical properties of the paper
    • Production of cardboard and packaging products
  4. Plastics and rubber industry:

    • Production of mineral-reinforced plastics and composites
    • Manufacture of rubber and elastomer products
  5. Ceramics and glass industry:

    • Manufacture of ceramics, porcelain and refractory products
    • Glass and fiberglass production
  6. Food industry:

    • Food additives and mineral supplements
    • Anti-caking agent and stabilizer in food products
  7. Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry:

    • Manufacture of pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements
    • Production of cosmetics, oral care products
  8. Textile industry:
        • Manufacture of fabrics and non-woven fabrics
        • Improvement of resistance and durability properties of textile products
        • Dyes and pigment production
    1. Filter and purification industry:

      • Manufacture of air, water and industrial liquid filters
      • Purification and treatment of wastewater and gaseous emissions
    2. Metallurgy Industry:

      • Smelting and refining of metals
      • Production of metal alloys and compounds
    3. Oil and Gas Industry:

      • Oil and gas drilling and extraction
      • Crude oil and natural gas processing and purification
    4. Electronics industry:

      • Manufacturing of electronic components and semiconductor devices
      • Production of insulating materials and electrical conductors

    These are just a few examples of how technical minerals are used in different industries. It is worth mentioning that applications may vary depending on the composition and specific properties

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