Tierra de Diatomeas: La Solución Natural para Desparasitar a Tus Animales

Diatomaceous Earth: The Natural Solution to Deworm Your Animals

The care and well-being of our animals is a priority. Whether you have pets at home or animals on a farm, it is essential to ensure that they are free of parasites and diseases. Although there are multiple chemical products on the market intended for this purpose, there are natural solutions that are just as effective and are also environmentally friendly. One of these solutions is Diatomaceous Earth.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous Earth comes from fossil microalgae and has been used for decades in various applications, from agriculture to animal care. It is known for its natural properties to control pests and parasites, without adding harmful chemicals to the environment.

Use of Diatomaceous Earth for Animal Deworming

If you are facing the problem of parasites in your animals, here we show you how to use this wonderful resource:

  1. General Deworming:

    • Preparation: Dilute a tablespoon of Diatomaceous Earth in a liter of water.
    • Application: During bathing, apply this solution to the animal's skin, making sure to cover all areas.
    • Recommendation: Do this process regularly to keep parasites away.
  2. For Ticks:

    • If you notice ticks on your animal, it is not necessary to dilute the product.
    • Application: Take some Diatomaceous Earth powder and apply it directly dry on the tick.
    • The abrasive action of Diatomaceous Earth affects the tick's exoskeleton, leading it to dehydrate and die.

Benefits of Using Diatomaceous Earth

  1. Natural and Effective: Diatomaceous Earth offers a chemical-free solution for the care of your animals.
  2. Insurance for Animals and People: Being a natural product, it does not present toxicity risks.
  3. Economic: Unlike other antiparasitic treatments, Diatomaceous Earth is an economical option with high yields.


With Diatomaceous Earth, you are not only taking care of your animals, but you are also choosing a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative. Both in the care of your crops and your animals, this product offers a natural and effective solution.

Try it and discover its many benefits! 🌟🌿

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