Akadama: Un Clásico Sustrato Japonés y una Innovadora Alternativa

Akadama: A Japanese Sustrate Classic and an Alternative Innovative

From the intricate zen gardens to the meticulous art of bonsai, Japan has brought to the world some of the most sophisticated techniques and tools in plant care and design. Among these tools is a very special substrate: the Akadama.

What is Akadama?

The Akadama is a red-grain clay originating in Japan. It has been, for a long time, the favorite choice for bonsai fans and professionals because of their ability to retain water and nutrients while providing excellent aeration to the roots. It consists of particles of different sizes, ranging from the finest (1-5 mm) to the thickest (10 mm or more). These different sizes offer specific benefits, from promoting drainage to facilitating the formation of roots in young plants.

Benefits and Challenges of the Akadama

  • Porosity: Allows proper aeration of the roots.

  • Water retention: Its porous structure retains water, essential for the development of roots.

  • Neutrality: It does not significantly alter the pH of the irrigation water.

However, the Akadama is not without its challenges. Over time, it tends to break down, which can result in compaction. This, in turn, can obstruct aeration and drainage, critical factors for healthy plant growth.

Sakura Terra: An Evolution in Susdeals

Here, at Mineravi.com, we are always looking for ways to offer quality products that suit the needs of our customers. We are pleased to present Sakura Terra, an innovative alternative to the Akadama.

Why consider Sakura Terra?

  • Durability: Unlike the Akadama, Sakura Terra is much more durable. It doesn't break down or compact over time, ensuring a quality substrate for longer.

  • Economics: We provide this product at a more affordable price without compromising its excellent qualities.

  • Weight and Retention Capacity: Like the Akadama, Sakura Terra is light, making it easy to handle and move. In addition, it shares the admirable ability to retain water, benefiting the hydration of your plants.

With Sakura Terra, you not only get the same technical characteristics as the Akadama, but also additional advantages that make this substrate an excellent choice.

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