Qué es el caldo bordoles y como prepararlo tú mismo.

What is Bordeaux broth and how to prepare it yourself.

Bordeaux mixture is a mixture of copper sulfate and lime that is used in agriculture as a fungicide to prevent and control fungal diseases in plants, especially grapevines, fruit trees and potatoes.

Copper sulfate acts as a contact fungicide, that is, it kills fungi when it comes into contact with them. The lime, on the other hand, acts as a stabilizer and helps the copper sulfate to adhere to the leaves and branches of the plants.

Bordeaux broth is mainly used to control downy mildew on vines, fusicladium on fruit trees, American potato blight, and other fungal diseases affecting potato leaves and tubers. It can also be used as a preventative, applying it before the diseases appear in the plants.

It is important to take into account that the excessive use of Bordeaux mix can have negative effects on the soil and the environment, so it is recommended to use it with caution and following the manufacturer's instructions.

How it is prepared and what ingredients are needed

To prepare the Bordeaux broth you need the following ingredients:

  • Copper sulfate (CuSO4): 100 grams
  • Quick lime (CaO): 100 grams
  • Water: 10 liters

The process of preparing the Bordeaux broth is described below:

  1. In a separate container, dissolve 100 grams of copper sulfate in one liter of water. It is important not to add more water for the solution to be effective.

  2. In another separate container, extinguish 100 grams of quicklime in 3 liters of water. It is important to use caution when handling quicklime, as it can be dangerous. Gloves and eye protection are recommended.

  3. Pour the copper sulfate solution into the quicklime solution, and mix well.

  4. Add water to make 10 liters, and continue mixing until the mixture is homogeneous.

  5. Let the mixture rest for at least an hour before using it.

It is important to bear in mind that the preparation of the Bordeaux broth must be done carefully and following the instructions to the letter. It is recommended to wear protective equipment, such as gloves and eye protection, when handling the ingredients and when applying the product. In addition, one should avoid inhaling the vapors of the mixture and avoid direct contact with the skin.

Bordeaux broth is a fairly corrosive solution, so a plastic or stainless steel container must be used for its preparation. It is also important to shake the mixture well before use to ensure that the ingredients are well integrated.

It is advisable to apply the Bordeaux mix on dry and windless days to prevent the solution from dispersing and to ensure better adhesion of the product to the plants. The application can be done with a sprayer or with a fumigation backpack, and the entire surface of the affected plants must be covered. It is recommended to apply the Bordeaux mixture at the beginning of the growing season of the plants and repeat the application every 7 to 10 days according to the manufacturer's instructions.


It is important to bear in mind that Bordeaux broth is a product that must be used with caution and following the manufacturer's instructions to avoid negative effects on plants and the environment. In addition, it is recommended to use it only when necessary and as part of an integrated pest management program that includes cultural practices, such as crop rotation, weed control and the removal of crop debris, to prevent the appearance of fungal diseases. and reduce reliance on pesticides.

It is important to read and follow the Bordeaux mixture manufacturer's instructions to ensure correct application and avoid damaging plants or the environment. It is also important to respect the recommended waiting times before harvest and comply with local and national regulations on the use of pesticides in agriculture.

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