Desbloqueando el Potencial del Suelo: Una Mirada Profunda a las Enmiendas Agrícolas de Mineravi

Unlocking the potential of the soil: a deep look at the agricultural amendments of Mineravi

Agricultural amendments have been established as an essential pillar in modern agriculture, not only as a means to improve soil quality, but also to maximize the effectiveness of crops in different types of land. In Mineravi, we not only understand the fundamental importance of agricultural amendments, but also recognize the need to provide high quality and effective options. Here, we will explore some of our outstanding agricultural amendments and how they can benefit their agricultural practices.

Basalt flour

Basalt flour is known for being a rich source of minerals and trace elements, which are vital for the optimization of plant growth. The application of our basalt flour not only improves soil structure, but also promotes the growth of roots and increases soil resistance to drought and other stressful conditions.

Volcanic lava flour

Incorporating volcanic lava flour into its soil not only improves its texture and structure, but also provides a rich source of essential minerals, such as magnesium and iron, which are crucial to support a healthy development of plants and Optimization of photosynthesis.

Mushroom compost

With a rich mixture of nutrients and a structure that promotes soil health, mushroom compost is ideal for improving organic soil matter and promoting a fertile environment for plant growth. This compost is especially useful for revitalizing soils that have been exhausted through intensive agriculture.

Earthworm humus

Lombriz humus is known for its ability to improve soil structure and provide a variety of essential nutrients that are easily absorbed by plants. His ability to improve soil capacity to retain water and nutrients makes it an invaluable amendment, especially in drought conditions.

Special and personalized mixtures

In Mineravi, we recognize that each field and each crop can have unique needs. That is why we offer special mixtures of our agricultural amendments, providing an integrated solution that maximizes the benefits of each individual component. In addition, we offer personalized mixtures, creating an amendment that fits the specificities and requirements of its soil and crops.


The agricultural amendments of Mineravi are not only formulated to revitalize and enrich their soil, but also to ensure that their crops have the best possible environment to grow in a strong and healthy way. Through our range of amendments and the possibility of personalized mixtures, we are committed to supporting their agricultural efforts, providing the tools that you need to maximize the production and quality of its crops.

Find more details, tips and guides on our amendments and agricultural practices in the “Agricultural Wiki” section of our blog. In Mineravi, we are here to help you cultivate the future.

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