Tierras de Calidad: Clasificadas, Valorizadas y Enriquecidas

Quality lands: classified, valued and enriched

The earth is much more than simply the ground under our feet. It is the vital medium where our plants grow, and their quality can determine the success or failure of a crop. On Mineravi.com, we recognize the importance of offering quality lands adapted to different needs. Next, we present our new offers and how they can help you in your agricultural or gardening projects.

1. Classified Vegetable Land:

The upper soil layer, also known as plant land, is rich in organic matter and mineral. Our classified plant land has gone through a rigorous selection process to ensure that it is free of impurities and high quality. It is ideal for those who seek a natural and fertile substrate to start any type of crop.

2. Earth valued with earthworm humus:

Lombriz humus is an excellent enriching of the ground. By valuing our land with this humus, we are promoting its ability to retain water, improve aeration and provide essential nutrients for plants. This mixture is especially recommended for gardens and urban orchards where you want to enhance the growth and health of plants.

3. Earth with aged mushroom compost:

The mushroom compost is an enriched organic fertilizer that comes from the decomposition of plant and manure materials. By adding it to our land, we enrich it with beneficial and nutrient microorganisms that enhance plant growth. This mixture is ideal for orchards looking for organic and sustainable production.

4. Earth enriched with basalt flour and volcanic lava:

Volcanic rocks, such as basalt and lava, have been used for centuries in agriculture. When these rocks grind, we get flour that slowly release minerals such as magnesium, iron and calcium. By incorporating these flours in our land, we not only improve its structure, but also offer a mineral contribution that benefits the growth and strength of plants.

What mixtures and proportions do we recommend at Mineravi.com?

  • Ornamental gardens: A mixture of 70% classified plant land, 20% aging mushroom compost and 10% earthworm humus. This combination provides an ideal nutrient balance and structure for ornamental plants.

  • Urban gardens: A mixture of 60% classified plant land, 25% earthworm humus and 15% basalt flour. This combination favors the development of vegetables and fruits, providing the necessary minerals for healthy production.

  • Inside plants: A mixture of 80% classified plant land, 10% volcanic lava flour and 10% aged mushroom compost. This formula ensures good aeration and drainage, essential for plants in pots.

On Mineravi.com, we are committed to offering quality products to meet the needs of our customers. We invite you to explore our options and discover how our enriched lands can enhance your agricultural and gardening projects. Visit us and discover the Mineravi difference!

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