El Paramagnetismo del Basalto y su Importancia en la Agricultura

The Paramagnetism of Basalt and its Importance in Agriculture

Nature offers astonishing solutions to problems that might initially seem modern. Agriculture, for instance, can greatly benefit from technical minerals like basalt flour. One of the most intriguing and lesser-known aspects of basalt is its paramagnetic property. But, what exactly is paramagnetism, and how can it influence the improvement of agricultural soils? In this article, we'll discover what the paramagnetic CGS value of a soil means and what is the relationship with basalt flour and its dosage.

1. What is paramagnetism?

Paramagnetism is a magnetic property that certain materials, including basalt, possess which are weakly attracted by an external magnetic field and tend to move from a weak field region to a strong one. This characteristic is the result of the presence of unpaired electrons in the material's atoms or molecules. In the case of basalt, its paramagnetic nature comes from the iron-rich minerals it contains.

2. The paramagnetic CGS value of a soil

The paramagnetic value is measured in CGS units (centimeter-gram-second), and it's a way to quantify a soil's capacity to attract and retain paramagnetic elements. The higher the CGS value, the higher the soil's paramagnetic capacity.

The paramagnetic capacity of a soil has a direct impact on its vitality and its ability to support plant life. Soils with a high CGS value tend to be healthier, have a higher microbial activity, and are more likely to promote vigorous plant growth.

3. Basalt flour and its relationship with paramagnetism

Basalt flour is essentially crushed basalt in powder form. By applying basalt flour to soils, you increase their paramagnetic CGS value, which in turn can improve the soil's quality and health. Moreover, basalt provides essential minerals like silicon, magnesium, calcium, iron, and others, thereby enhancing plant nutrition.

4. Dosage of basalt flour

The dosage of basalt flour will depend on several factors, including the specific crop, soil conditions, and desired paramagnetic CGS value. As a general rule, it's recommended to start with a moderate application and monitor the results. Over time, and as you gain experience with this mineral, you can adjust the dosage based on the specific needs of the crop and soil.


Nature has amazing ways of providing us with tools to enhance our agricultural practices. Basalt flour, with its paramagnetic property, is a valuable resource for those looking to improve the health and vitality of their soils. At Mineravi.com, we take pride in offering natural and effective solutions that support sustainable and productive agriculture.

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