Minerales Naturales en Agricultura Orgánica: ¿Es Necesaria la Certificación?

Natural minerals in organic agriculture: Is certification necessary?

Understanding the simple and pure nature of minerals such as dolomite lime and basalt flour

Organic agriculture, focused on sustainable and environmental practices, has increased the demand for natural products and not chemically modified for soil enrichment. Among these, minerals such as calomite lime, basalt flour, calcium lime and volcanic lava flour stand out. The question often arises: do these minerals require a specific certification for use in organic agriculture?

EU regulations and organic minerals

The 2018/848 Regulation of the European Union establishes standards for organic production. This regulation recognizes certain minerals as appropriate for use in organic agriculture, mainly due to its extraction and simple processing. Minerals such as dolomite lime and basalt flour are obtained and crushed mechanically, without going through chemical processes that alter their natural composition.

Why is certification not always necessary?

  1. Natural processes: Since these minerals do not suffer chemical transformations and their processing is purely mechanical, its intrinsically organic nature is preserved.
  2. Recognition by the Regulation: These products are recognized by EU regulations as valid for use in organic agriculture, which eliminates the need for additional certification.
  3. Transparency and simplicity: Simplicity in their obtaining and processing guarantees that minerals maintain their purity, thus offering total transparency in their use.

Mineral benefits in organic agriculture

  • Dolomita cal: It offers an effective solution to balance the pH of the soil and provide magnesium and calcium, essential for plants' health.
  • Basalt flour: It acts as a powerful remineralizer, providing a wide range of minerals and trace elements.
  • Calcium lime: Ideal to improve nutrient availability and correct soil acidity.
  • Volcanic lava flour: Enriches the soil, improving its ability to retention of water and nutrients.


In Mineravi, we understand the importance of using natural and pure products in organic agriculture. Our minerals such as Dolomita Cal, basalt flour and others provide an effective and simple solution for soil enrichment, without the need to go through complex certification processes. By using these natural minerals, we guarantee a genuine and environmental organic approach, aligned with the principles of sustainable agriculture.

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