Herbicida Ecológico: Cómo Bajar el pH del Agua de Riego con Vinagre Agrícola

Ecological herbicide: How to lower the pH of irrigation water with agricultural vinegar

Agricultural vinegar: your natural ally against weeds

In ecological crop management, weed control is fundamental. A natural and effective solution is the use of agricultural vinegar, both to lower the pH of irrigation water and to act as an ecological herbicide.

The high pH of irrigation water can be a challenge, not only affecting the nutrition of plants but also favoring the growth of weeds. Agricultural vinegar, due to its acidity, is a double tool: adjusts the pH and fights weeds safely and sustainably.

Use of agricultural vinegar as a herbicide:

  1. Herbicide dose: To use vinegar as a herbicide, a 30% vinegar and 70% water solution is recommended. This mixture should be applied directly on weeds in the highest insolation to accelerate its desiccant effect.
  2. Application and security: Be sure to apply the vinegar carefully, avoiding contact with the plants you want to keep. Vinegar acts by contact and does not discriminate between weeds and desired crops.
  3. Application frequency: The application can be repeated as necessary, but always with attention to climatic conditions and the state of weeds.

Benefits of the use of agricultural vinegar in irrigation water and as a herbicide:

  • Anti-Malezas Solution: Effectively eliminates weeds without contaminating the soil or water.
  • PH adjustment: Optimizes the water pH for a better absorption of nutrients and general health of the crop.
  • ECOLOGICAL METHOD: It is a non -toxic alternative to chemical herbicides, aligned with sustainable agriculture practices.

Important considerations:

In addition to being a natural herbicide, agricultural vinegar helps maintain soil quality and promotes a healthier environment for crop development. Its regular use as part of the irrigation strategy ensures that plants receive the best possible care, promoting their resistance to diseases and environmental stress.

When integrating agricultural vinegar into cultivation practices, the transition to conscious and environmentally respectful agriculture is supported, contributing to ecosystem health and sustainability of the agricultural sector.

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