Enmiendas Líquidas: Calcio, Magnesianas y de Basalto

Liquid amendments: calcium, magnesian and basalt

Modern agriculture is continuously evolving in search of more efficient and sustainable solutions. In that context, liquid amendments have gained prominence as an effective option for soil correction and enrichment. In this article, we will focus on three types of key liquid amendments: those of calcium, magnesians and those derived from the basalt.

1. Liquid calcium amendments:

Calcium is an essential nutrient for plants that plays a crucial role in the formation of cell walls and in the regulation of various metabolic processes.


  • Rapid absorption: Being liquid form, calcium is easily absorbed by plants, providing rapid corrections in case of deficiencies.
  • It improves soil structure: Calcium helps to agglomerate soil particles, improving its aeration and drainage.

Recommended uses: It is especially useful in acidic soils or with high sodium concentration, where calcium can play a role in sodium displacement, improving soil structure.

2. Magnesian amendments:

Magnesium is another essential nutrient for plants, being a central component of chlorophyll, and therefore vital for photosynthesis.


  • Photosynthesis stimulation: An adequate availability of magnesium ensures optimal photosynthesis and, therefore, a better plant development.
  • Correction of deficiencies: Magnesian liquid amendments provide a rapid and effective correction of the deficiencies of this nutrient in the soil.

Recommended uses: They are ideal for soils with magnesium deficiencies, or in crops that have high requirements of this element, such as potatoes, tomatoes and citrus.

3. Basalto amendments:

The basalt is an igneous rock rich in minerals such as silicon, magnesium, iron and calcium. The liquid amendments derived from the basalt provide a variety of essential minerals to the soil.


  • Mineral wealth: The basalt provides a wide range of essential minerals that can improve soil fertility.
  • Soil structure improvement: Basalt derived minerals can improve soil structure, increasing their water and nutrient retention capacity.

Recommended uses: They are ideal for worn or eroded soils that need an additional contribution of minerals.


Liquid calcium, magnesian and basalto amendments offer effective solutions to improve soil quality and structure, as well as correct nutritional deficiencies. When choosing the appropriate amendment for cultivation, it is essential to consider the specific needs of the soil and follow the dosing and application recommendations.

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