Granulados en Mineravi: La Revolución en Enmiendas, Abonos, Fertilizantes y Mezclas

Granulated in Mineravi: The revolution in amendments, fertilizers, fertilizers and mixtures

Innovation and quality have always been fundamental pillars in Mineravi, and continuing with that commitment, we are pleased to present our new range of granulated products. This line includes amendments, fertilizers, fertilizers and mixtures, especially designed to meet the most demanding needs of modern agriculture and gardening.

Why granules?

The decision to incorporate granulated products arises from the understanding of its multiple advantages:

  1. Uniform application: Ensures that each part of the soil receives a precise and homogeneous dose of nutrients.
  2. Less waste: Wind loss or bad manipulation is significantly reduced.
  3. Storage optimization: Less susceptibility to compaction and moisture.
  4. Safe manipulation: Reduce the risk of inhalation and respiratory problems.
  5. Controlled release: Benefit that guarantees constant food to plants.

Prominent from our range of granulados

  • Granulated basalt flour: A solution rich in minerals that improves soil structure and promotes robust growth of plants.

  • Granulated volcanic lava flour: Ideal for water and nutrient retention, guaranteeing sustained release and a more aerated soil.

  • Calomita granulada: Perfect to correct soil acidity and provide essential calcium and magnesium.

Personalized organomineral mixtures

In Mineravi, we understand that each soil and cultivation has specific needs. Therefore, we have designed granulated organomineral mixtures that combine the best of our minerals with high quality organic components. These mixtures are perfect for those who seek a complete and balanced solution.


In Mineravi, we believe in offering solutions that are at the forefront of the current demands of the agricultural and gardening sector. With our new range of granulated products, we reaffirm that commitment, providing more efficient, safe and practical solutions for our customers.

If you want to know more about our range of granulados or any other product, do not hesitate to contact us. In Mineravi, your success is our priority.

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