Fertilizante enmienda granulada: Mejora tu cesped facilmente.

Granulated amendment fertilizer: Improve your maintenance easily.

The health and beauty of a grass are the result of the perfect combination of factors such as adequate lighting, constant irrigation and, especially, a balanced nutrition. In Mineravi, we understand this need and, therefore, we are pleased to present the ideal solution: the Granulated Dolomita Cal.

Calomita Granulada: An essential for your lawn

The dolomite cal is just an amendment to correct the acidity of the soil. It is also a source rich in calcium and magnesium, two crucial elements for the optimal development of the lawn. Among its benefits we highlight:

  • Land acidity correction: It helps neutralize acid soils, providing a balanced pH in which the grass can prosper.

  • Essential nutrients: Provides calcium and magnesium, vital to strengthen the grass cells and improve their color and texture.

  • It improves soil structure: It encourages better aeration and drainage, which facilitates the development of roots.

Recommendations for use

  • Amount to apply: For established Céspedes, we recommend applying between 50 to 100 grams per square meter. For new céspedes or extremely acidic soils, the dose can be increased to 150 grams per square meter.

  • Best time of the year: The ideal time to apply the Granulated Dolomita Cal is at the beginning of spring or at the end of autumn. During these periods, climatic conditions are usually more moderate and the most uniform rainfall, which helps the integration of the amendment into the soil.

  • Number of applications per year: We suggest between 2 to 3 applications a year, depending on the specific conditions of the soil and the needs of your grass. It is important to perform periodic soil analysis to adjust the frequency and quantity of application.


A healthy and lush lawn not only beautifies the landscape, but also reflects the care and attention you provide. With the Granulated Dolomita Calm of Mineravi, you guarantee your grass an optimal nutrition and healthy development. We invite all our customers to experience the transforming benefits of this exceptional product.

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