Potenciar las Raíces y Enriquecer el Suelo con el Poder del Silicio: Un Vistazo a la Harina de Basalto y Lava Volcánica

Enhance the roots and enrich the ground with the power of the silicon: a look at basalt and volcanic lava flour

Silicon, an essential element that is often overlooked in agriculture, has proven to provide significant benefits for the development of roots and the general health of plants. In Mineravi, we focus on providing natural, ecological and economic solutions to strengthen their agricultural practices, and our silicon -rich products, such as basalt flour and volcanic lava, have become indispensable allies for farmers who seek to optimize health of soil and crops.

Silicon: an ally underestimated in agriculture

Silicon plays a crucial role in strengthening the cell walls of plants, promoting robust roots and improving the resistance of plants to various environmental and pathogens. But how can we effectively incorporate this element into our soils? The response lies in the use of natural and rich land amendments in silicon, such as basalt flour and volcanic lava.

Basalt flour: A mineral treasure for crops

Coming from the crushing of volcanic rock, basalt flour is a natural reservoir of minerals, among which silicon stands out greatly. The basalt flour application not only enriches the soil with silicon but also with other essential minerals, providing comprehensive nutritional impulse and improving the soil structure for optimal root development.

Volcanic lava: nutrition and protection

Volcanic lava is another source rich in silicon and other minerals. With its ability to improve water and nutrient retention in the soil, this volcanic material acts as a revitalizing soil, guaranteeing that the roots of their plants have continuous access to nutrients and hydration they need to prosper.

Synergy with organic compounds: compost and humus

In Mineravi, we also offer specially formulated mixtures that combine the rich minerals of basalt flour and volcanic lava with the organic nutrition of the compost of mushrooms and earthworm humus. These mixtures:

  • Mushroom compost + basalt flour
  • Lombriz humus + basalt flour

They offer the best of both worlds: a constant and enriched food for the soil and a structural and nutritional support for the roots of the plants. The organic matter of compost and humus facilitates the gradual release of basalt minerals, ensuring sustained nutrition and improves soil conditions.

Organic and Sustainable Agriculture

Opting natural and ecological land amendments is not only a step towards more green and sustainable agricultural practices, but it is also an investment in long -term health of its soil and crops. The solutions we offer are not only environmentally friendly, but also economically viable, providing an accessible route to a more resilient and productive agriculture.

Discover more about how natural and mineral solutions in Mineravi can transform their soil and crops, exploring our range of products and resources on our website and on the blog. We are committed to support your agricultural trip with products that enhance the vitality of the soil and strengthen their crops from the root to the harvest.

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