Diferencias entre la Malla Anti-trips y la Malla Mosquitera

Differences between anti-trips mesh and mosquito net

The world of agriculture requires a series of tools and technologies that allow ensuring the productivity and health of crops. Among these tools are meshes, which, although they may seem similar to the naked eye, have very different properties and functions according to their characteristics. In this article, we will focus on two types of meshes: the anti-trips mesh and mosquito net, underlining its specific differences and uses.

1. Main objective:

  • Anti-trips mesh: Mainly designed to protect crops from small and harmful insects such as trips, aphids, minators, beetles and white fly.

  • Mosquitoze mesh: Used to retain larger insects in industrial and agricultural areas, also acting as a barrier against inclement weather.

2. Size of insects to be retained:

  • Anti-trips mesh: Specially designed for small insects.

  • Mosquitoze mesh: It focuses on large insects.

3. Material:

  • Anti-trips mesh: Made of high density polyethylene (HD) with stabilizers.

  • Mosquitoze mesh: Woven with stabilized polyethylene filament against U.V. rays, and is 100% imputable.

4. Additional properties:

  • Anti-trips mesh: Regulates the entry of sunlight, controls temperature and humidity, and protects against the wind. It offers sun protection of up to 24%.

  • Mosquitoze mesh: It allows a transmission of sunlight greater than 90% and offers excellent aeration for crops.

5. Most common uses:

  • Anti-trips mesh: Used in crops such as pumpkin, watermelon, cucumber, melon, potato, tomato, eggplant, chili and chili, and also in the spread of mother and floriculture plants.

  • Mosquitoze mesh: Its main use is in protection against large insects and wind, and is installed both in the field in full field and in greenhouse tunnels or windows.

6. Durability:

Both meshes have a long durability and are designed to resist degradation by UV rays.


While both meshes offer protection against insects and other external elements, the choice between an anti-trips mesh or a mosquito net will depend on the type of crop, the size of the insects that you want to avoid, and on the specific environmental conditions of the place. It is essential to know these differences to make an informed choice and thus guarantee the health and productivity of your crops.

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