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Granulated calcium oxide: key for a more productive agriculture

In the constant search for more sustainable and efficient agricultural practices, granulated calcium oxide emerges as an invaluable ally for farmers and land managers. On, we understand the importance of optimizing the use of natural resources so as not only to improve crop productivity, but also to preserve the health of our planet. This article deepens how granulated calcium oxide becomes an essential tool to achieve these objectives.

A gastulated calcium oxide look

Calcium oxide, commonly known as living lime, is obtained through the calcination of natural limestone, resulting in a compound of great purity that, when applied to soils, offers multifaceted benefits. From the correction of the acidity of the soil to the improvement of its structure and the control of diseases, its applications are diverse and significant.

Applications and benefits in agriculture

  • Soil pH correction: The first step towards a fertile floor is to ensure a balanced pH. Granulated calcium oxide raises the pH of acid soils, thus facilitating better nutrient availability for plants.
  • Improvement of soil structure: Compact or clay soils greatly benefit from the application of living lime, since it improves porosity and drainage, essential conditions for healthy root development.
  • Disease and pest control: By modifying the pH of the soil, calcium oxide can help suppress certain pathologies and pests that affect crops, thus contributing to a lower dependence on chemicals.
  • Calcium source: This element is crucial for plant growth, and their direct contribution through calcium oxide ensures balanced nutrition.

Guide for effective application

  1. Soil evaluation: It all starts with a detailed analysis of the soil to identify your specific needs.
  2. Adequate dosing: Based on the soil analysis, the exact amount of calcium oxide to be applied to avoid overquilness is determined.
  3. Application methods: Using recreational equipment, calcium oxide is distributed uniformly on the ground surface, followed by tillage integration.
  4. POST-APPLICATION MANAGEMENT: A adequate irrigation after application facilitates the activation of lime, starting its reaction to the ground.

Final considerations

The use of granulated calcium oxide, although beneficial, requires informed and responsible management. Security during its application is essential, recommending the use of personal protective equipment to avoid irritations. In addition, it is vital to avoid application in adverse conditions, such as winds, to prevent the improper dispersion of the product.

Conclusion's commitment to innovation and sustainability in agriculture drives us to offer solutions that, such as granulated calcium oxide, not only improve crop productivity but also take care of our environment. Its conscious application and measure is a step forward towards a responsible agriculture that guarantees the well -being of future generations.

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