Cal Dolomita y Yeso Agrícola: Una Fusión de Fuerzas Que Ha Resistido la Prueba del Tiempo

Calomita cal and agricultural plaster: a fusion of forces that has resisted the test of time

Union make force. This proverb has been applied in various facets of our lives and in Mineravi, we have woven this wise advice in the tapestry of our product offer, particularly in our star mixture of Dolomita Calm and agricultural plaster.

Why this combination?

The Dolomita cal and the agricultural plaster They have been lonely defenders in the field of agriculture during generations. Dolomite cal, rich in calcium and magnesium, is known for its ability to neutralize soil acidity and neutralize toxic aluminum, creating a propitious growth environment for our plants. On the other hand, the agricultural plaster, a soft soil amendment, not only improves the structure of the soil but is also an effective recuperator of the soil affected by sodium (NA), providing calcium without affecting the levels of pH of the soil.

A symphony of benefits

By joining these two powerful entities, we create a mixture that not only encapsulates the individual benefits of both components, but also amplifies their abilities to improve the soil. The combination of 50% agricultural plaster and 50% of calomita lime combines the power of both materials, providing calcium, magnesium and sulfur, in addition to playing a crucial role in the elevation of the pH of the soil, correcting its acidity.

This mixture has proven to be especially beneficial in varied crops, such as pastures, cereals, citrus, fruit trees, vegetables and rice, to mention some. The presence of sulfur significantly improves the absorption of other essential nutrients, such as phosphorus, and is essential for the synthesis of amino acids and proteins in plants.

History intertwined with innovation

While we appreciate and recognize the rich story behind this mixture, in Mineravi, we are also proud to provide personalized solutions to our clients. Although the standard 50/50 mixture has been a popular and reliable choice for generations, we understand that each ground, each crop and each farmer is unique. That is why we offer the option of custom mixtures for orders for full trucks of 24 tons, allowing our farmers to adapt the amendment to the specific needs of their lands.

A toast to the future

Through our practices, we reveal the agricultural techniques of yesteryear, merging them with the demands and versatility of the modern world. The mixture of dolomite cal and agricultural plaster symbolizes not only the union of two powerful materials but also the amalgam of tradition and innovation.

Discover this mixture, rooted in tradition, but with the flexibility to meet the needs of the modern farmer, here in Mineravi. Because we believe, firmly, that when forces come together, prosperity blooms in the fields we grow together.

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