¿Por qué es más rentable la enmienda agrícola para mejorar el suelo que los fertilizantes?

Why is the agricultural amendment more profitable to improve the soil than fertilizers?

Soil health and fertility are essential to guarantee optimal agricultural production. It is here that the debate between the use of agricultural and fertilizer amendments arises. Although both products are used with the purpose of improving the performance of plants, they have different objectives and results. The soil is the foundation of the crop, and investing in it through the amendments can be the most profitable long -term strategy.

Difference between soil amendments and fertilizers

Agricultural amendments are designed to improve the quality and structure of long -term soil, while fertilizers have as its main objective to supply nutrients directly to plants. The amendments come from both organic and mineral sources and seek to adjust physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil.

On the other hand, fertilizers, whether chemical or natural, focus on providing specific nutrients to enhance the growth and performance of a crop.

Benefits of agricultural amendments

  1. Durability: Unlike fertilizers that require constant applications, amendments have a lasting effect on the ground. This means a long -term investment that will benefit future crops.

  2. Sustainable improvement: Agricultural amendments promote a healthy and fertile soil, capable of supplying all the necessary nutrients for optimal plant growth.

  3. Diversity of sources: Either of plant, animal or mineral origin, the amendments offer a wide variety of solutions adapted to the specific needs of the soil.

  4. Environmental Protection: Amendments, especially organic, reduce the need for chemical fertilizers, minimizing water and soil pollution.

Reasons why amendments are more profitable

  1. Long -term cost reduction: Although the initial investment in amendments may be higher than that of fertilizers, its lasting effect reduces the need for constant applications, which translates into long -term savings.

  2. Less environmental impact: Nutrient leaching of fertilizers can contaminate groundwater and other bodies of water. The amendments, by improving the soil structure, reduce this risk.

  3. Better crop yield: A well structured and nutritious soil, thanks to the amendments, guarantees a better absorption of nutrients by plants, resulting in healthier and more productive crops.

Mineral amendments and basalt magic

Within the world of soil amendments, mineral solutions have a special place due to their unique and durable properties. A great example of this is basalt flour.

What is basalt flour? Basalt flour comes from the crushing of basaltic rocks and is rich in minerals such as silicon, magnesium, calcium and iron, among others. These minerals are essential for the healthy growth of plants.

Notable Basalto Properties While some amendments are designed to fulfill a specific function, the basalt is remarkable because it offers multiple benefits:

  1. Strengthen light soils: Basalt increases the capacity of light soil to retain water and organic matter. This is crucial, especially in drought -prone areas, since it helps plants to have constant access to water and nutrients.

  2. Heavy soils: On the other hand, if you have a compact or clay soil, the basalt can improve its aeration. This facilitates the growth of roots and prevents the accumulation of water that could cause diseases in plants.

The profitability of the basalt Basalt flour investment can be considered extremely profitable for several reasons:

  • Durability: A single basalt application can benefit the ground for years, reducing the need for constant interventions.

  • Diversified benefits: Since the basalt works in various types of soil, it is not necessary to invest in different products to treat varied problems.

  • GENERAL IMPROVEMENT OF SOIL HEALTH: The basalt not only changes soil texture but also enriches it with essential minerals.


Investing in soil health through agricultural amendments is a profitable and sustainable strategy. Although fertilizers can offer rapid solutions, amendments provide lasting benefits for both the soil and cultivation. In Mineravi, we understand the importance of a healthy soil and offer nature -based solutions to guarantee the sustainability and profitability of its crops.

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